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A Hint Of Cute Pieces


1. PLEASE do not pre-order if you KNOW you are impatient or on a tight schedule or trying to met a celebration. Anything can happen and delays can occur for numerous reasons at any timeโ—๏ธ
2. ONCE you order you have 1 hour to cancel order. Money is used to place orders on preorder, which mean I have purchased the items and my manufacturer will not refund me and I will not refund you. I can't afford refundsย 
3. If you pre-order and give me a hard time you will no longer be able to preorder with me again. I will cancel your order.
4. I keep you updated as info comes to me. Some stuff is 7 to 15, or 15 to 20 business days but there are times that there is a delay which is out of my control. Pre-orders are just that. These items are custom made so you can not return, refund or exchange items on preorder.ย 
5. Because people say they want items and when I bring them in their no where to be found. So designer items are preorder only. I will only at certain times have a few on hand but for the most part you must preorder no exception.ย